About OSİP

OSIP – Osmaniye İŞGEM Project

Osmaniye İŞGEM Project was developed in line with the goal of strengthening entrepreneurship in Osmaniye for the purposes of contributing to the socio-economic development of the province of Osmaniye through the establishment of a robust platform focusing on innovative SMEs.

Financed jointly by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey and managed by the Regional Competitiveness Programme Coordination and Implementation Department under the General Directorate of European Union and Foreign Relations of the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology as the contracting authority, and implemented by the Governorate of Osmaniye, the Project will ensure the establishment and rolling-out of Osmaniye Business Development Centre (İŞGEM).

The Project commenced on the 17th June, 2016, and will continue for a period of 24 months on the basis of two components.

  • The first component will focus on the establishment and mobilisation of İŞGEM.
  • The second component covers the process of improving the technical capacities of businesses and ensuring their long-term sustainability.

In this framework, the Project undertakes efforts to employ İŞGEM personnel; to deliver personnel trainings; to develop business plan and guidelines; to develop and implement visibility and publicity for İŞGEM; and to prepare İŞGEM to host businesses.

On the other hand, the focal point of the second component of the Project will be on the provision of technical support to tenant entrepreneurs of İŞGEM in line with their respective business plans and the formulation of a current and sustainable model for their business plans.

Results to be Achieved by Osmaniye İŞGEM Project

  • Local stakeholders with heightened knowledge and awareness;
  • Improved entrepreneurial culture;
  • SMEs with strengthened competitiveness and improved knowledge and skills;
  • Local trainers and consultants with the qualifications necessary to contribute to training and consultancy services;
  • A National İŞGEM Association strengthened through a national business development network and access to international networks;
  • İŞGEMs and relevant agencies/institutions strengthened through networking and capacity building.

Our Goals

Osmaniye İŞGEM was established to create a new incubator (İŞGEM) in selected regions with the aim of developing and disseminating qualified and comprehensive entrepreneurship support mechanisms;

  • To support networking among new and existing incubators to strengthen cooperation among İŞGEMs;
  • To support new entrepreneurs, to develop regional entrepreneurial culture and to provide technical support to SMEs. Its Mission is to encourage new entrepreneurs, to contribute to the development of business ideas, and to act as a solution partner for SMEs.
  • To facilitate start-up and management processes;
  • To assist them in growing their businesses;
  • To minimise their risks; and
  • To create employment.

Project Identity

Project Contracting Authority : Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology
Project Reference Number : EuropeAid/134915/IH/SER/TR/2
Financing : European Union and Republic of Turkey
Implementation Period of Technical Assistance Component : 24 months (17/06/2016-17/06/2018)
End Recipient of Action : Republic of Turkey Governorship of Osmaniye


Osmaniye Enterprise Development Centre (İŞGEM) Project where Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology, EU and Foreign Relations General Directorate, EU Financial Programmes Department is the Contracting Authority and Republic of Turkey Governorship of Osmaniye is the Beneficiary, was implemented by the consortium led by GOPA Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti..


Osmaniye İŞGEM A.Ş.
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Büyük Tüysüz Mah., Toprakkale/Osmaniye
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