Peanut Processing

Priority Sectors: Peanut Processing

Priority Sectors: Peanut Processing

The added value that could be derived from peanut cannot be utilised in the current situation due to its form of production in Osmaniye. Therefore, Osmaniye does not hold an economic competition potential for Osmaniye.

Peanut production will attain a significant economic potential if processed in such a manner as to increase its added value (peanut butter, peanut oil production, sauce/chocolate/candy coating, etc.) and if alternative products (briquettes, artificial coal, etc.) are offered to the market through the utilisation of peanut hulls.

There are significant grounds for this product, which is traditional for Osmaniye, to be among priority sectors offering opportunities to entrepreneurs including Osmaniye being the centre for peanut trade, its existing production potential, extensive knowledge in the field, and the potential for alternative products to be promoted and developed under İŞGEM.


Osmaniye Enterprise Development Centre (İŞGEM) Project where Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology, EU and Foreign Relations General Directorate, EU Financial Programmes Department is the Contracting Authority and Republic of Turkey Governorship of Osmaniye is the Beneficiary, was implemented by the consortium led by GOPA Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti..


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