Applying to İŞGEM

Who Can Apply and How?

Everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit can apply to Osmaniye İŞGEM.

Applications are accepted from:

  • Young entrepreneurs that say “I have a good idea, but no resources”;
  • Those who say “I want to be involved in trade, but I don’t have the knowledge and experience”;
  • Those who have embraced the innovative approach, but don’t know how to put this approach into practice;

In short, everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit can apply to Osmaniye İŞGEM.

You can lodge your initial application by filling in a form at Osmaniye İŞGEM Office. Applicants that have received the Entrepreneurship Training offered by KOSGEB will be given priority.

Following an initial evaluation by Osmaniye İŞGEM Management, the applications will be reviewed and approved by the evaluation committee. Entrepreneurs whose applications have been deemed eligible as a result of such evaluation will be able to start their activities under Osmaniye İŞGEM after signing a tenancy contract with İŞGEM.

However, starting up a business here is conditional upon certain requirements. These include, inter alia, the following:

  • The new enterprise should be established at Osmaniye İŞGEM,
  • It should be in the status of real or legal entity defined in the Turkish Commercial Code,
  • Activities applied for should not harm the environment and should be in compliance with the EIA Regulation.

Application Form

Please download, fill in and sign the application form below and deliver to Osmaniye İŞGEM A.Ş., Büyük Tüysüz Mahallesi, Şehit Ömer Halisdemir Cad. No: 1, Toprakkale/Osmaniye by hand to apply.

Please click here to download the Entrepreneur Application Form.



Osmaniye Enterprise Development Centre (İŞGEM) Project where Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology, EU and Foreign Relations General Directorate, EU Financial Programmes Department is the Contracting Authority and Republic of Turkey Governorship of Osmaniye is the Beneficiary, was implemented by the consortium led by GOPA Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti..


Osmaniye İŞGEM A.Ş.
Şehit Ömer Halisdemir Cad. No: 1
Büyük Tüysüz Mah., Toprakkale/Osmaniye
Telefon: +90 (328) 802 00 55