Software and Automation

Priority Sectors: Software and Automation

Priority Sectors: Software and Automation

Today, almost all businesses need software and automation services. The advantage of the software services sector in needing lower investment capital and smaller office space when compared to other industrial services offers higher added value in production.

Quite successful projects are being generated in the field of software and automation along with the impetus provided by cooperation between industry and universities in the world and in Turkey. The presence of a constantly developing university in Osmaniye, its cost/benefit advantage, and prospective contributions to the strengthening of the ties between industry and universities allow the software and automation sector to be among priority sectors for İŞGEM.


Osmaniye Enterprise Development Centre (İŞGEM) Project where Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology, EU and Foreign Relations General Directorate, EU Financial Programmes Department is the Contracting Authority and Republic of Turkey Governorship of Osmaniye is the Beneficiary, was implemented by the consortium led by GOPA Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti..


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