Second Group of Osmaniye İŞGEM Tenants was selected

Second Group of Osmaniye İŞGEM Tenants was selected

As per the final evaluation and decision of the Osmaniye İŞGEM’s Management Board over the evaluations and scoring of the 2nd Tenant Evaluation Committee Meeting conducted on 28 February 2018, potential tenants listed below were considered to take place in İŞGEM’s units as tenants.

Selected Tenants:

No Name Surname Field of Activity
1 Yavuz Kaya EROĞLU Repair of Industrial Machinery
2 Nevin TORUN Producing Galoshes
3 Ömer SAYAL Sandblasting
4 Ömer Faruk KUŞ Container Production
5 Ahmet DEMİR Workwear Production
6 Derya CESURER Producing Moulds
7 Adnan SERPER Plastic Case Production
8 İsmail KARADAĞ Export-oriented Metallurgical Chemicals
9 Volkan DEMİREL Producing Spare Parts
10 Zeynep BUDANUR Olive Oil Bottling
11 Fatih KOÇ Manufacture of Naturalgas Materials

All applicants will be notified via email and/or by phone about the final results and those listed as successfull will be invited to the Project Office for lease agreements.

Respectfully announced to the public.

Please click here for the list of potential tenants selected by the 1st Tenant Evaluation Committee conducted on 07-08 December 2017.



Osmaniye Enterprise Development Centre (İŞGEM) Project where Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology, EU and Foreign Relations General Directorate, EU Financial Programmes Department is the Contracting Authority and Republic of Turkey Governorship of Osmaniye is the Beneficiary, was implemented by the consortium led by GOPA Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti..


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